Abyssal Onslaught

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In the Depths of Kel'Dirin

We have gone far into these ruins and have made little profit, except for the fat one, that is. Though I wouldn’t say it to him in person, he really needs to work some of that off. Anyway, his richness comes from a personal encounter, unlike any I’ve seen before. Kord the Brawler, sent an aspect of himself to Fred and challenged him to a wrestling match; and the big lug WON! His victory was briefly celebrated though. Shortly after the match Karasu lost control of the dagger he’s been using. I say “lost control” because a demon of great power was trapped within, and some inexplicable circumstance allowed his escape at that very moment, and I fear that his incorporeal form has returned to the Abyss and this is not the last we’ll see of the foul creature.

Since the last entry we’ve fought many more undead, and still have no clue where the king’s alleged scepter is. If this forsaken ruin has any end to it we will find it, and we will see natural daylight again in a few hours, I hope. For now, our spells and that maniac Karasu’s bombs will have to provide enough illumination to appease my tired eyes.


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